Updating sgli

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Somehow spending every weekend at my mom’s house in Owensboro isn’t enough to claim residency, who knew?

😉 Anyways, if you’re choosing to combine bank accounts, you’ll want to do this as well.

If your soldier is OCONUS (outside the continental US), there will be additional things you will need to do to be approved for command sponsorship to join him.

Andy and I did this about 30 days before the wedding, although I’ve heard at some bases you can do this 60 days in advance.

At this time we also updated our address in the DEERS system.

You’ll want to take your marriage certificate in because that is the “last” official document you most likely have with your maiden name on it.

which was impossible, since he was required to “officially” live in the barracks.

As a side note, don’t forget all of the memberships and purchases that auto-drafted from your previous bank account, like Netflix and the like.

We enrolled me in Tricare Prime as well as signed up for Tricare’s dental plan (at the time it was serviced through Met Life, but will be updating to United Concordia on May 1, 2017.) After obtaining a new primary care manager at the on-post health facilities, I arranged to have my previous medical records sent to the clinic (the clinic gave the originals back to me once they updated their system.) I also made an appointment with my new primary care manager for an initial visit plus to get my prescriptions ordered, so I could utilize the on-post pharmacy.

The county clerk’s office in my hometown noticed that Andy is in the military, and gave us 4 additional copies at no charge.

We actually planned an extra day in between the wedding and leaving for our honeymoon for this exact purpose, plus to just rest and leisurely drive the 2 hours to the airport.

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