Updating r version

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You'll be prompted to name and describe the environment you're building, after which you'll be able to edit the definition.

From here, you can either use your environment's base image or provide the link to a custom one. Your completed environment should look like this: V2 environments will start building themselves as soon as you save the definition.

updating r version-5

updating r version-16

updating r version-59

updating r version-48

Rarely, underlying changes in the operating system require ALL installed packages to be recompiled for source (C or Fortran) compatibility.

These days, the main purpose of is to install and attach the ‘Bioc Installer’ package.

In a new installation, the script installs the most recent version of the Bioc Installer package relevant to the version of R in use, regardless of the relative times of R and bioc Lite() Bio C_mirror: Bioconductor version 2.14 (Bioc Installer 1.14.2), R version 3.1.0.

A common question we get from new users is how to customize the version of R their projects use - either to a specific version or the most recent release.

This is easy using Domino's custom compute environments, which allow you to specify which versions of which packages and programs you want your code and projects to run in.

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