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But to give you a couple of examples, the entry BMW Business navigation system with i Drive on a new 320d is yours for £1,550, over which you'll need to pay extra for certain features such as enhanced Bluetooth and internet access.On a 640i coupé, by contrast, most i Drive features come as standard. It's big on clarity and intuitiveness, that's what.For the most part, it works as well or better as any in-car control system. Using the wheel to scroll through characters is pretty tedious.Touchscreen-based systems are much better for address inputs or entering search terms.i Drive arguably has the slickest and clearest interface of any of the major in-car interfaces, with its closest competition coming from Audi's MMI.Large, high quality and high resolution LCD screens are also typically part of the i Drive mix, though screen sizes vary from model to model.Extra-large displays are optional on some models but standard on others.We'd recommend going for the largest available screen, since upgrades are more or less impossible.i Drive's wheel input has been refined over the years and now includes shortcut keys, enabling you to jump directly from one part of the interface to another, say from navigation to radio, to quickly go back or go straight to the main menu.

And it's true BMW may have taken a leaf too many from Apple's guide to interface simplification.

Maps-wise, i Drive has most of the bases covered, with both top-down 2D and pukka 3D views.

The latter includes detailed 3D models for major buildings and landmarks.

In Europe, it's currently available for the UK, Germany, Italy and France.

However, where things get really clever is support for Google Send to Car.

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