Teen dating violence and washington dc

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The Legislature passed “Kaity’s Law,” in 2009, which gives those in dating relationships protection under the Domestic Violence statute 13-3601.

The law was created after 17-year-old Kaitlyn Sudberry boyfriend shot and killed her.

One of the primary risk outcomes of dating violence is that it puts people on a path of becoming a victim of violence in future relationships.

She wasn’t allowed to hang out with her friends or any other boy besides him, not even male relatives.Every five minutes a law enforcement officer responds to a domestic violence call in the state of Arizona, according to the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.It is important to teach children at a young age what a healthy relationship looks like, said Exner-Cortens.Persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence must complete a domestic violence offender treatment program in addition to fines, jail or probation.The CDC as well as other governmental and non-governmental agencies have recently recognized teen dating violence as a significant public health problem as the numbers of offenders continue to increase.

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