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I like lively discussions and would like a father figure in my life since I am distant from my own. Sincerely, Hershey Well first of all let me say this, i'm looking for something longtermed right now even though alot of people think I'm too young to be so serious about comitting to one person. I like people who are straight forward with their opinions, but not rude. I am a 23 year old female living near Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). I am looking for a smart, sensitive man with a professional education and background.

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7 - Ruling: Dundee couple overdosed DUNDEE -- Although drug use appears to be involved with the deaths of a Dundee couple, officials are uncertain as to what exactly led to their collapse at the same time.Police are investigating Courtney Hulett’s, 20, and Cameron Hulett’s, 28, mysterious deaths; The Dundee, Michigan, couple was found dead late Tuesday on the floor right by their kitchen table where a Taco Bell meal was left completely untouched, reports.A neighbor who stopped by their apartment around 9 p.m.I am a very outgoing person who is kind, sweet and very down to earth. I am a student right now working as a talent scout but my joy of writing reading and singing are full time! I like guys with a sense of humor, because I like to crack jokes and if you can't take a joke then you'd hate me. My goal is to met someone that I can establish a friendship with first, . Looking to test the waters and see who is out there. I have a little meat on my body, so if you're in for the stick figure look turn around now.I enjoy doing things outdoors but would never object to staying home and cuddling on the coach. I am really interested in different people, a man is a man to me. I like playing pool, watching and playing football. I have a good sense of humor and always try to bring light to my friends days.

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