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The attribute data contain at least topographical data regarding the course of gradients and/or ben on sections of the routes and are acquired accurately relative to position.

An Independent claim is also included for a method of generating vehicle guidance information.

It generally contains a spell correction program to fixes errors such as one letter differences, extra spaces, missing spaces, transposed characters, etc.

The ACG also contains information designed to compensate for the fact that addresses, address abbreviations, locality names, and so on, have many variations, and that some streets may be referenced by more than one name.

The differences among the strategies are illustrated in the following examples.

If the map previously contained a mapping for the key, the old value is replaced by the specified value.

A method for updating a computer generated may including providing tools for a user to draw building outlines on the map, and move icons that are associated with the building to points near on inside the new outline. Some have estimated that between 15% and 20% of the addresses attempted to be mapped, are not mapped to an exact numbered street location.

In some scenarios, the communications may be wireless and may not require voice.

Other popular locating tools include electronic travel and business maps as found on PC's, palm devices, and in-vehicle systems, and communications devices, like a telephone, where, for example, a call is made for information and/or directions.

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