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This is the problem with the social-media phenomenon.My Space once enabled a remarkable social renaissance: Because of the site’s indefinable halo effect, you would answer e-mails you would normally never open, meet people you’d never suffer otherwise (“Bill O’Reilly” is one of my My Space friends).

Friendster, the massively VC-funded social-networking service whose demise is being hurried along by the more free-wheeling My Space, topped three hours per user last February, only to drop to a quarter hour in December.

“There are some similarities between the current ‘bubble’ and the last one that burst in 2000,” Todd Dagres, co-founder of venture-capital firm Spark Capital, told The Wall Street Journal.

“Lots of incomplete and underexperienced teams, business models based more on eyeballs than cash flow, and a rash of incremental and ‘me too’ deals.” As in the last bubble, sites blossom out of nowhere and quickly fade.

Famously started by a Harvard student as a way to dynamize the freshman facebook, the site is built to serve preexisting networks of high schools and colleges (though anyone can now join).

More chaste and less cluttered than My Space, it encourages users to consort with people they already know, or have reason (by geographic or affiliate proximity) to know, while making it harder to schmooze randomly.

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