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Some ignored it and just thought of it as another mountain. Helen's is very informative and was very damaging to land, animals, and people.... [tags: active volcanoes, eruption] - There are many pro’s for attempting to forecast an earthquake or volcano. If the lava falls down to the water it cools off and makes landforms.Planning In this investigation there are many different variables these are; · Angle of slope · Surface of volcano · The amount of lava · The temperature of the lava · The environmental conditions · The viscosity of the lava · How far it has to flow · The force of the eruption I have decided to investigate the angle of the slope because I will be doing the investigation in a scho...

Each bus had the doors shut with 4 people per seat, the isles filled, people being held up in the air and squished up against the windows.

Forecasting an earthquake or eruption saves lives and property, mainly by preparation, as there is no way to prevent these events with today technology.

On February 4th 1975 in Haicheng China there was a magnitude 7.5 earthquake.

To the south-east of the volcano lies the Sanggar peninsula, which is a part of Tambora.

There are two cities, Dompu and Clima, and three concentrations of villages near the mountain slope: Sanggar, Doro Peti and Pesanggrahan, and Calabai....

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