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Lisa is a student from the Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences (Germany) and joins the studio for 11 weeks.Eliza, a paintings conservation graduate from the University of Melbourne, has joined us part-time for a project.

The Paintings studio is pleased to welcome two volunteer interns, Lisa-Maria Schaaf and Eliza O’Donnell.

This collection consists of approximately 200 dirt- and pest-affected boxes of negatives that require cleaning before work can begin on re-housing the plates.

Kate Holloway, Coordinator of Preservation & Processing, has rehoused over 4000 individual items from the , started in 2013 by Preservation Technicians Noni Zachri and Emily Keppel and finished this week by Preservation & Processing Technician Leah Williams.

The digitising of the manuscript marks the completion of the digitisation project This Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project commenced in 2010 and involved research, treatment and digitising of 28 illuminated manuscripts.

Another interesting conservation treatment recently completed was the reached Melbourne in January 1865, marking Australia’s only direct contact with the American Civil War. Scales describes first-hand observations, sketches and candid accounts of officers and crew interacting with the people of Victoria in 1865.

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