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This doesn’t just apply to you, don’t exaggerate what you’re going to do to her too much either: You want her to know that you’re a strong, passionate lover, but settle down a little pal. This may sound silly and pretentious but let me explain: when someone is texting you and you each have an i Phone you’ll get this in your chat window: Is she typing? I asked my female friends what they’re actually doing while sexting and, unfortunately, some of the results might make you sad: But don’t look at that as a bad thing.If this surfaced in a court of law you would instantly be found guilty. Consider this, a girl is attracted to you enough to pretend to be having sex with you! So dust off that phone, turn on some Barry White, and get your sexting muscle in shape! And if you can compare her to a Tagore heroine, even better. Or at least to be able to recite Bonolota Sen (where she is that beauty) and pretend that you mean it. All expressions of love must be accompanied by Tagore in his various moods. Also, if you send a picture of your penis know that she’s sent it to her friends as a joke.Trust me on this, I wish it wasn’t true because I’ve jokingly been sent more awkward penis pics from my female friends than I’d care to mention. Look, I know you’re in the moment and probably typing with one hand but seriously, make sure you don’t have a typo. While sex with you may only last for 2 minutes, your sexting should not. If you go straight to the sex there’s not much left to text about. I didn’t know there were guys out there who did this, but apparently I was very wrong: Seriously fellas, if you get to that point maybe just let them know with your words and not the sound. You want this girl to think you’re sexy but try to keep your physical descriptions realistic.If you’re going to sext with someone at least have some sort of conversation first.

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The overpowering smell of coconut oil or other hair oil the day before they wash their hair, is enough to make you wish you never fell for those lustrous locks. Or worse, they use henna in their hair, and leave everything from the bathroom to the pillowcase smelling of mehndi. She will force you to make the morning tea and the afternoon tea on weekends. Let’s be honest, we’ve all at least attempted to do a little sexting.No matter if you were trying to spice up an existing relationship, starting a new one, or just being a creepy dude who tries to get pictures of girls for his own private collection, you’ve done it. Or the way she drapes a dupatta on it to get the door. After marriage she will stop asking you if she looks fat. And that a leisurely stroll in the morning will get rid of it. She will pester you to try tangra and gule fish while you want just chingri malai curry. Saris are a must on all occasions and most unattractive at times. She thinks her Fab India/ Westside/ Pantaloons kurti hides her flab.

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