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Lightly armed with a vague plan to go to school to study “game design,” they march off in search of that dream job.Gamers tend to fantasize about what it must be like to work in games, with that fantasy revolving mostly around the idea of actually playing games all day long, and also getting paid for it. Marine Corps veteran who actually saw that dream through to completion.On behalf of Front Towards Gamer, I spoke recently about military service, the transition to working in video games (and being a veteran there), and Operation Supply Drop. I spoke to a bunch of veterans about their experience, and every one of them had an equally unique and inspiring story to share. I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1999–2004, and worked as a SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Analyst and a Martial Arts Instructor.Through the sharing of their experience and advice, I hope to spread the message that it can be done — you can get a creative job if you take the time to set yourself up for success. It was a challenging but very rewarding experience, which sent me to Okinawa, Japan, for the first year.

Well, a lot of this is bringing back adult gamers who kind of stopped playing games for a while.(But in these stories, you get to own the moments). And these games are kind of grown up too, in the way the stories are being told and the themes. I recently read an article about how Telltale puts you in the spotlight; you are the one making these moral choices.It’s not just about having fun and racing to collect all the gold coins you can or whatever; it’s about making strong choices and feeling the repercussions.That, in a way, is grown up, even if it’s done in a childish way.FTG: What’s your connection to Operation Supply Drop?

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